The War on Christmas

Hopefully by now you will have actually expected a comment from me on this particular subject.

Is it Real??

Its been real for decades at least and in some countries that is more like centuries. In many countries, simply saying you are a Christian is a crime punishable by death, even if you are forced to convert before you are executed. In our country, it is just as real, even if we are protected from such injustices. It is real on lost nativity scenes in town square. It is lost on the new name of the season, “The Holidays” instead of Christmas. It is gone by way of Holiday parties and Holiday breaks and Holiday bonuses. If the reason for the season is truly the celebration of the life of Christ our Lord and Savior, it is wrong to call it anything but Christmas. ImageIf you are not familiar with the persecution of the Christian Church, please look up the Voice of Martyrs.

Personally, I think it highly offensive to say Happy Holidays to anyone. I would rather say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah  Merry Kwanzaa, and so forth. It is more personal and less offensive than grouping such important and different
traditions into such a vague a term as Happy Holidays

What should we do?

Stand up and say Merry Christmas




The Beauty of being American and Christian.


This is why I am grateful to be American. Where else in the world is this not punishable? Yes in many countries today, simply saying your Christian is a death sentence. Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Honesty, Integrity, Chivalry

Where did they go?

They say that the best way to have a great relationship is to have total honesty with the other person.

They say that a man is no better than his word.

They say actions speak louder than words.

They say alot for people that no longer exist. Honesty and Integrity are things of the past. Chivalry is long dead. The body of Christ hides in the shadows denying the whole time that they have anything to hide from.

Where did it go? It went with seeing Victoria Secret commercial while watching cartoons with your kids. It went with “the blissfully ignorant masses” going with the feel good do it movement. It went with prozac in elementary school. It went with sex to sell candy bars. It went with greed of material things and pleasureful acts. It went the way of that poor little doh doh bird and the little pigmi people. It is remembered in fairy tales where the ending is always happily ever after.

What happened?……

Well I am a conspiracy theorist so I could say it was the communist party and and their grand scheme being silently perpatrated right under our noses. There is evidence for that if you look hard enough. I could say that it is the muslim extremist that are chipping away at our Christian heritage and culture. I could say that it is actually because of 12 old fat men in nice suits that sit behind the scenes playing us all like fiddles.

But that would all be a lie.

And in my personal attempt to tell no lies, I vow not to do that with this blog. So to answer your question of what happened to honesty, integrity, and chivalry…

We happen. We happened to ourselves. The very nature of our creation as told in the Holy Bible, HAPPENED. We sinned. We felt guilty so we made lightly of it. It became normal to us and we could no longer see the gray of right in the blackness of wrongs. We forgot that we are creations and not creatures prone to fits of lust and carnage. We forgot that we had a purpose. We forget now that we HAVE a purpose. Each and every one of us is destined to do a thing that we cannot die before it is done.

Is there hope for tomorrow?

Of course there is. Yes, it is that simple. As long as there is one person that truly believes the Word of God, there is hope for tomorrow. Will it come in the form that you expect? Most certainly not! Why? Because that’s not the way its written and that’s just the way it is. As long as there is one mother that teaches you child to love his neighbor because they are a child of God, there is hope. As long as one father works long shifts for meager pay because it makes sure his family is able to sleep with full bellies and warm feet, there is hope. As long as the American dream is dreamt in sweet dreams of a child on Christmas Eve, there will be hope for the tomorrows to come.

What can be done?

Read your Bible. Love your neighbor despite their age, skin color, ethnic background, heritage, bloodline, past sins, and future mistakes. Teach your children to tell the truth no matter what the consequences because YES there will be consequences. Be courteous to people even if they are not considerate to you. And care about even the things that you cannot control because they need to be cared for. Punish and discipline those that need it in an appropriate manner. Calm down, take a deep breath, count to 10 and know that you are not alone in your struggle to make sure that your little world is a better place that the worlds that surround it.

Good Luck and God bless.

Doing it Right the First Time

Doing it right the first time is generally the best approach in life, but it has one really big flaw; only hindsight is 20/20. A person’s character is developed while they are doing it wrong the first couple of times.

I didn’t do things right the first time.

  • I quit going to high school, because I was “too smart”
  • I got pregnant out of wedlock
  • I never got a real job (one that wasn’t a minimum wage job)
  • I cuss
  • I smoke
  • I didn’t believe that I could do anything right

Even though it may say alot about my character, that list of things does not define the person that I am now.  The list of things I did not do right, helps me to clarify those things I need to work on and those things that I have moved past.

I am now a married mother of four beautiful children.  I have learned alot from the mistakes of my past and hope to be able to pass that knowledge onto my children, so they may at least have a chance of avoiding those same mistakes.   Mistake is actually not the right word. Calling the actions of my past a mistake is like saying that the sketches of the Wright brothers were all mistakes. The things that I have done have shaped the person I am today, opening my eyes to the childishness of my youth.

So instead we shall say that making mistakes in life are more like taking detours; they take longer to reach your goals, they teach you valuable lessons, and the scenery is beautiful.  Sometimes a detour is all that a person needs to realize that they have been making foolish choices. Sometimes a detour can lead you down a path you never intended. But always, detours help to polish and refine the jewels that we are so that we may shine.


I am so very proud!


Today I received an invitation to the Brilliant Bear Luncheon. I received this invitation because my fifth grade son has shown the “Brilliant Bear Attitude” for the last nine weeks of school.

I am so very proud.  My children are so awesome sometimes, it reminds me of how very blessed I am to have each of them.  I am reminded that my job is to prepare them to be the adults that God has planned for them to be.

This is a great charge that has been put in my hands.  I know  that my children are all meant to be hear for a very specific purpose and am humbled that my Lord would allow me the honors of raising them up in the way that they should be.  It is important to remember that as a parent, we are responsible for many of the traits, characteristics, and habits that our children will have as adults.  We must be very careful with this mission.

Though I love each one of them, until they are adults we cannot be friends.  I am the woman that is in charge of their moral and ethical upbringing.  I am not raising four children; I am raising two grown men and two grown women.  The example my husband and I set for them as a married couple will effect every relationship that they ever have. We do not argue with each other in front of our children.  We do disagree with each other, and quite frequently at times; but in front of our children (and the world) we are a united front that cannot be breached.  On the other hand, they see their father help with supper, watch us hug and dance together, and see us loving each other in proper ways.  Another thing that other people think is strange is that my husband and I refer to each other as Mommy and Daddy, because that was the best way to teach our children that calling us by our first name was not acceptable.  They say ma’am and sir(sometimes with a little reminder of “Excuse me”)

They say it takes a mere 2 weeks to make something a habit. Consider this the next time you do something in front of your children.  I am by far a perfect mom, though I seriously strive to be; but I do love my children and expect from each of them the same defined set of standards.  I refuse to lower the expectation to the child; instead I raise the child to the expectation. 

Two things that I had to discover and accept are:

  1. I am not going to do everything perfectly. I will make mistakes.
  2. I will not make the same mistakes that I realize were made by my parents.  I do not hold ill will towards them, but realize that by the examples they set I can allow my children a better chance in not repeating my same mistakes.

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